Only 16% of young adult population of India Vote!! 

Today the political scene in India is bad , and the main reason for it is many of us do not vote.  Its a chicken egg problem. We don’t vote because we think there are no good politicians.  Politicians become more and more corrupt because it does not effect their election result.  They would buy few votes and come to power again. Thus they don’t fear doing corruption. 

Whats the solution : Start Voting 

Why do people do not vote:

  1. They don't have an voter id card, and they dont have the information on how to do it. They think it is a painful process.    
  2. They dont know the importance of voting.

How do we solve it 

  1. Create a list of eligible voters not having id cards
  2. Connecting these people with those are aware of the process of creating voter ids in their local area and are willing to help.
  3. Motivate people to take responsibiliy for few(2-10) of their friends, to make sure that they vote.
  4.  Connect all the people in a locality who want to create awareness about voting. A group of people with a same goal can do wonders. They can get together and create awareness in their society/college/company    
  5. Educate people about the importance  of voting by creating a buzz about voting, encourage people to start talking about it online and  offline. When people see their friends are going to vote, they will get motivated to vote.

Technology has a lot of power. It would be a great service for the country even if we are able to create a small difference in the number of people voting. We need to start.

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