Problem1:  I wanted to buy an apartment (only twice so far). I did my online analysis & went for "site visit". More often than not, when I am there at the site, I feel need to connect with other folks who have seen/analyzed this property. For group-buying later & to get answers to a number of questions I have, before making any decision. The realization that I need to get "connected" happen at the "site". But for obvious reasons, the builder won't share with me his potential cleints list or can I do a lot of browsing over mobile. All I need is to join an eGroup of interested folks. There are such groups, but I don't know about them, readily.

Problem2: I have lot of complaints about my kid's school. In teachers-parents meetings I convey those to the teachers. But I feel the need for parents to be "organized" & exert united pressure. Somehow I feel, schools don't want the parents to be connected. I know names of my kid's classmates but not of their parents. I guess its the same with other parents. I can't go about asking each parent I see his/her email Id. All I want is that somehow the parents could join an eGroup.


In both the probs. I wish there is an mobile app, that takes my location & tell me the "eGroup-for-this-place" or allow me to create one if none exists. Totally crowdsourced. No admin - no owner approach. The app just shows the names of the group & allows me to email the groups hyperlink to myself, to join it at comfort on my desktop PC. The clicks & emails through the app would be measured & used to surface popular groups, which would also automatically filter the junk ones out.

If the app has takers, there seems commercial value in not using google or yahoo groups & creating own mobile-friendly eGroup.

I would be happy with Facebook like performance, so lets do the app in Phonegap ;-) i..e no need of native app, rather reach as many platforms as possible quickly.

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