Kollywood is the highest producer of movies ahead of Bollywood and Tollywood. When I want to watch a movie normally I decide by director and then go for movie. Sometime it happens to be the worst movie. Some people hear other people reviews and go like https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZVcQLqXTn1DN-UcDwrc1gQ

Lets crowdsource the review.


1. Select the movie and rate the movie. Options 1. Paisa Vasool, 2. Time Pass, 3. Mokka.

2. Get the geolocation of the reviewer. If the user is near the movie theatre give high priority to the review.

3. Sort the review by city, so that I can decide movie is popular in which area like Chennai, Coimbatore.

4. For version 1 don't worry about user profile and point system. You can do that later.

Well the idea can be extended as genral movie review app.

Note: I am not working on the idea, I am proposing so that someone can take forward and implement.


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