Lukup Media develops products in the interactive TV space, and currently manages an interactive advertising platform for satellite and cable TV networks.

Lukup Media is set to launch a Hybrid Media Player in December 2012. The Lukup Media Player is an Android based STB that has the capability of receiving a mix of satellite, cable and IP content. TV viewers will be able to discover and view content from both cable/DTH channels and online streaming channels on a single TV screen as well as install and use applications.
Viewers can access a host of entertainment services from content providers such as broadcasters, online providers, TV shows and movies, video on demand (VoD), games, apps, interactive advertising, personalization features and social networking. 

We are making  efforts to open up the Lukup Media Player platform for developers and content providers. We  want to learn how to  develop services and applications for open TV platforms such as ours. 

At the Droidcon 2012 hacknight, we are interested to see some hacks on

  1. Applications and personal utilities for TV, and
  2. Applications and services such as payments, social networking, search and analytics for TV.