In the world of internet among the clouds ..if you want to mark your presence "float" today.

Create your SEO optimized macro website(floating point) which can be used to mark your digital presence with  simple steps.

Now how to use floats ? think wild!.n.loud!
1. Want to create deal aggregating site?

2. Want to write poems?

3. Enable "puncture shops" or "boutique" shops digital presence ?

4. We have offline shop and ecom,how SMB want to sell online?


Details :
Our API's Our API's : https://api.withfloats.com

Documentation : https://developers.withfloats.com

Sample Store we build using our API's : http://thesamplestorehyderabad.nowfloats.com/

Prepare for hackday ? :http://techfloats.blogspot.in/2013/11/benefits-of-hackthon-and-planning.html

To do all this we have built a robust platform which gives the more head and arms. 

  • Create and update a website within minutes using SMS, Mobile App, the Web and REST based API.
  • Update the website with picture messages and create and edit an Image gallery.
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe via Email or SMS.
  • Let site visitors send you messages via the site.
  • See and edit site details. 
  • Access various analytics  like search queries, visits, visitors & subscriber.

Project Members


  • Manu M R · Sat, 9 Nov

    Dev Token : clientId=731EBAB8596648E79882096E4733E7173B314BECC649423DB67897BF8CC596EC

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