Use NowFloats API and create a auto-SEO enabled Social Media aggregrator.

Details :
Our API's : https://api.withfloats.com

Documentation : https://developers.withfloats.com

Sample Store we build using our API's : http://thesamplestorehyderabad.nowfloats.com/

Prepare for Hack Day ? :http://techfloats.blogspot.in/2013/11/benefits-of-hackthon-and-planning.html

To do all this we have built a robust platform which gives the more head and arms. 

  • Create and update a website within minutes using SMS, Mobile App, the Web and REST based API.
  • Update the website with picture messages and create and edit an Image gallery.
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe via Email or SMS.
  • Let site visitors send you messages via the site.
  • See and edit site details. 
  • Access various analytics  like search queries, visits, visitors & subscriber.


  • Manu M R · Sat, 9 Nov

    Dev Token : clientId=731EBAB8596648E79882096E4733E7173B314BECC649423DB67897BF8CC596EC

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