A social network can be considered as a country on a map. Then we can map diffrent countries and their residents and prepare a world map out of it. Residents of differenct countries can get informations about other countries, their people(profiles), communities(eg. facebook groups, linkedin groups), events, trending topics in other country(social network) .


  • Mitesh Vohra · Wed, 14 May

    Have a look at Gnip or Datasift. They do social media data aggregation. Recently, Twitter acquired Gnip.

  • Jaidev Deshpande · Wed, 11 Jul

    What's the framework that you are going to use? What tools, language, etc?

  • Jaidev Deshpande · Wed, 11 Jul

    I have something that I could add to this.

  • Prathamesh Sonpatki · Fri, 13 Jul

    Actually i am newbie to big data. I just had an idea about this concept. I have not decided to use any framework or language. Maybe we can discuss and take it forward :)

  • Jaidev Deshpande · Sat, 14 Jul

    Okay, I have been working on an application of game theory to social networks. Will be happy to discuss it.

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