Account books in bachelor's rooms. Poof!! Gone!!

Project Members


  • Kracekumar Ramaraju · Mon, 21 Oct

    Can you add description ?

  • Ranjan Pathak · Fri, 25 Oct

    I am a ux designer, These are the things I can be able to do. 1. Write HTML and css 2. Make wireframes and UX screens 3. Can write information Architecture 4. Test and do ux research

  • Ranjan Pathak · Fri, 25 Oct

    hello Amey I wont be able to attend the event tomorrow I am sorry for that There is some work needs to be done

  • Ranjan Pathak · Tue, 22 Oct

    I can help you with design I am joining there guys

    • Amey Kshirsagar Ranjan Pathak · Tue, 22 Oct

      Can help me only with the UI?? Backend is no issue. Also I was aiming for hybrid framework like PhoneGap. Can you help me with that??

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