Android devs, rejoice! HasGeek is coming to Cochin this time with a 15 hour hacknight on October 19th. We will have mentors who are experts in the field of Android including representatives from the Cochin GDG community to help you out in building your apps overnight.

As much fun as it is to finish your app, we are taking it one more level up with the "app demo" track at Droidcon India 2013. Propose your finished projects under "app demos" in the Droidcon India 2013 funnel and you might get the chance to demo your app in front of an amazing audience at the mega event!

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets, come over and start hacking!


In the world of smart devices people have access to multiple channels of information. Users want just great experiences and care very little about technology at the end of the day. Most users are used to applications that pull data from external sources and present it. But in the age of information overload, presenting the right amount of information at the right time is critical. Imagine the possiblity of mashing up data generated by the sensors on a mobile device and information from external channels to create powerful and compelling user experiences to do just that .On OCT 19th, that is exactly what we want you to work on. Come and explore the world of sensors on mobile device. Create awesome hacks and get a chance to present to the world at Droidcon 2013 .


This is a free event. You can find the registration link on the right panel. Once you register, please wait for the confirmation from us.


The event starts at 3:00PM. We will kick off by having one or two tutorials of 45 minute duration each on Sensors as well as an intro to generic Android app development. Once we are done with that, those among you with a project idea in mind will be asked to come forward and present it. We do so because then the others will have an idea of who all are planning to work on which all projects. We will discuss the projects and team up over evening snacks and chai. After the tea break is over, around 6:00PM, the hacks shall begin!


What is a hacknight?

Hacknight is a space where you can work on your pet project, try a new idea or test the waters of new tools, technologies and languages. At hacknights, you meet new people, make friends and network. Overall, a hacknight is an amazing, hands-on learning experience.

HasGeek's hacknights provide developers the opportunity to work in an easy, relaxed, peer-to-peer format, over a period of 12-20 hours.

Next Steps

  • Register for the hacknight. You will receive a confirmation from us.
  • Propose a project idea, and/or join a team.
  • Comment on other projects.
  • Come to the hacknight with your ideas and gear!
  • Write awesome code!

Food, beverages and facilities will be provided to all participants during the hacknight. 

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