Off late it has become hard to find the road in between ditches. Casual digging and filling the ditch with debris only makes it worse.  I would like to propose an idea where the the power of cell phone, internet, camera and GPS can be put to good use.  This not only improves the daily life of commuters but also can help treat roads as a valuable resources. 

The idea is to create an app that encourages the public to record and locate the position of the ditches on roads and publish it on map based data base. This data will then be shared across various aithorities for speedy resolution.  

Image the end result. The app can be used to generate an infografic or a map that actually contains live information of how bad the road is!!  People can plan thier route based on how bad the road is!! Public authorities dont have to depend on elections or yearly survey to decide which road needs to be repaired!! The list goes on.

Now how do we motivitate users  volutarily update the maps?? The app can give the user points and occational gifts that can be reddemed by the user. At the same time certificates of recognition can be given to the user so that he can be proud of contributing to the society and share thier achievement across the social media.

I call up App developers, UI designers and creative folks to join me in developing this app. Feel free to contact me on j.vijaybhaskar@yahoo.com


Vijay, User experience deisgner

Project Members