We have tried a 117 Expense managers. 100 of them are really good, 53 of them are beautifully designed.. and, 24 are so intuitive in the way you view manage expenses and view the summary... You know, things like that..

However, I and my 2 friends here, Dilip and Akash, have had a difficult time managing expenses. One reason,, I don't wanna make the Fucking Expense Entry 17 times a day.. So, this is a solution in a direction that helps you totally minimize your interaction with your device for managing expenses.. 

Basically, the app will make automatic transactions every time your ATM card is used [(this is done using the data from the constant messages you receive from the bank (Yeah, these messages are finally useful)]. Hence, Expense Bot..

Also, as a leagacy feature, there will be the conventional expense entry tool if you are not into Debit/Credit cards, .. And yeah, sms notifications for your Sony Smartwatch.!! Legendary !!

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