This App focuses on satisfying basic needs of people with the people who have extra things which they don't need. The system connect these two type of users.The users who contribute are made engaged in the app with the help of gratitude point system . Which will make them listed featured in the app. With the help of SendGrid & Twilio the app is made more interative and powerfull.


This apps helps the user to record his extra food, clothes or books which he don't  need. The location of avaiablity is also recorded. The needy users come to the app and search for his needs. A Map opens up before him , marking the location where he can get his needs.

Gratitude Points & Featured People

When the user recieves his need, he can put a gratitude point to the user who provided his need. Which inturn make the user stand out in his city. The most featured people on basics of locality,city ,nation and globally will be listed out. LinkedIn Api is used to share the things about added resources, feautred persons etc..

WishList & Inbox ReadOut (Using SendGrid & Twilio )

This app also proviedes  a wish list function where the user can add his need to wish list if its not avaiable. Later when the need is avaialable the he gets an email with the help of SendGrid Api.. Also he can track his wish list by calling the IVRS system which will be impletemented using Twilo API . He can also get his inbox around with the help of the IVRS System.