Our flagship product OptimizeHIT is currently an internally deployed LMS platform. Several implementations are already out there in several BPO organization. 

At the hackathon, we are making it a social learning platform. If you are a content provider who offers certification, we make it possible for you to monetize your courses.

What do I get as a content provider:

  • A hosted SAAS platform with several plugins to deliver content.
  • Deliver digital certification.
  • Publicity: Integration with linkedIn for people to show off their certification.
  • Customers: Through the above mentioned publicity.
  • Money. Because people would pay for your certification.
  • Analytics: Because you need to see how well your content is doing. Just incase you were planning to improve it.

What do I get as a content consumer:

  • Instant registration with linkedIn. 
  • Certification that gleams on your profile. 
  • See how peers consume content. Compete with them. 
  • Reminders to finish my content on time, so that I stick to my schedule.