A person who is waiting for a particular opening in any company can save the search criteria and request for a job alert through sms as soon as the job is listed on the linked in website.


  • Kiran Jonnalagadda · Sun, 10 Feb

    How are you guys doing on this? I'd like to implement the same for the HasGeek Job Board.

  • chidambar kulkarni · Sun, 10 Feb

    Hey Kiran,

    This is in progress. Url : http://zatvia.com/jalert user: demo password: demo . We may not be able to get this ready for demo. We will save the search criteria for a user. As of now, We are using inkedin job search api to find the jobs meeting search criteria for a user. If the results match, user would be notified through SMS using twilio.

    If you expose the hasgeek job search api, then we will try to include that as well :-)

    Regards Chidambar

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