Ever wondered how Sachin's 100th 100 affected sales of his biography or how Metallica concert impacted sale of their music CD's ?

Here is an opportunity to analyze  sales history of  products selling at flipkart.com and events which could have affected them.   Idea is to model this data and improve the overall demand forecasting.

Daily sales data of products, and list of events that might have affected sales will be provided.

Here's a chance to see if you can fit curves better than Levi's !

Project Members


  • Mohammed Arafat Kamaal · Wed, 11 Jul

    I am guessing this data is confidential to flipkart.com. Nevertheless this is an interesting project as it involves forecasting and predicting trends based on already observed patterns.

    Are these data sets out in the open for analysis?

    • Vivek Mehta Mohammed Arafat Kamaal · Wed, 11 Jul

      This data will be provided by flipkart.com for the Hacknight.

  • Priyanka Rungta · Thu, 9 Apr

    Hey, how may I see the data or participate in this? Thanks

  • Schoolsales Executive · Sun, 15 Dec

    How can I view the data ??

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